JICA expert and team leader Mr. Hiroto Fujita is delivery a talk about background and goal of the NSDI Model Projects (NSDI-MPs).

NSDI Utilization Model Project workshop A One-day workshop on National Spatial Data Infrastructure Utilization Model Project (NSDI-MP), organized by Survey of Bangladesh (SoB) and sponsored by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), was held on the 11th of October 2022 at Conference Room and Training Room, Survey of Bangladesh (SoB), Tejgaon. The overall goal of implementing NSDI-MPs is to develop a standard methodology and some useful datasets (data layers) that will be beneficial for NSDI utilization in the future and also validate the effectiveness of NSDI project. The workshop primarily aimed at having a focused discussion within NSDI-MP members to develop a concrete implementation plan for the NSDI-MP with the participation of all Working Group (WG) members of NSDI. Four (highest ranked) out of ten thematic groups (topics) formed at the Five-day Workshop held from 20-24 March 2022, were chosen by the vote of the workshop participants as prioritized, model projects of NS

I utilization. The 4 thematic areas highest-ranked and adopted for the model projects were namely, (1) Agriculture Management (led by Dr. Farida Parveen, DAE), (2) Disaster Management (led Syed Nazrul Islam, GSD), (3) Water Management (led by Lt. Comdr. Md. Shahidullah, BNHOC) and (4) Rural Development and Health (led by Dr. Ahmad Raihan Sharif, IEDCR). Each NSDI-MP consists of 13 or 14 members from its WG organizations. Each team presented contents of their proposed thematic map of NSDI-MP using a PowerPoint Presentation. Workshop participants including JICA expert members and NSDI Project members at Survey of Bangladesh (SoB) keenly listened to the presentations, participated in the discussions and provided some valuable feedback to the model project teams on the implementation plan.